Tokyo Shimbun Shows 'remorse' Over Staff's Role In 'inaccurate' Tv Program

Tokyo Shimbun shows 'remorse' over staff's role in 'inaccurate' TV programThe Tokyo Shimbun daily has expressed remorse over the fact that its deputy chief editorial writer served as host of a television program that covered protests against U.S. military bases in Okinawa, which has been criticized as "inaccurate."

The Tokyo Shimbun, published by the Tokyo headquarters of Chunichi Shimbun Co., published an article in its Feb. 2 morning edition bylined by chief editorial writer Minoru Fukuda and headlined, "We deeply regret the issue of 'Info Variety: News Women.'"

The article partly reads, "Even though the matter took place through another media outlet, we feel a deep sense of responsibility and remorse" over the fact that Yukihiro Hasegawa, deputy chief editorial writer, served as host of the program aired by Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. (Tokyo MX). The newspaper publisher has reportedly received criticism, complaints and opinions on the issue from over 250 people.

The Tokyo Shimbun had not mentioned that Hasegawa served as host of the program, "Info Variety: News Women," and freelance writer Masaru Sato wrote in his column in the daily's Jan. 27 morning edition that the company should clarify its view on the case.

In the program aired on Jan. 2 this year, Tokyo MX described the activities by opponents of U.S. forces in Okinawa as "radical demonstrations and dangerous" and "even beyond police control."

The Committee for the Investigation of Broadcasting Ethics of BPO, or the Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization, is poised to ask Tokyo MX on Feb. 10 for an explanation on the matter.