Tokyo To Exhibit Possible Banksy Work

Tokyo to exhibit possible Banksy work

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike says she is considering displaying a headline-making work of graffiti at the Tokyo government building for a limited time during the spring holidays.

The illustration was discovered on a tide gate on the waterfront in Tokyo's Minato Ward in December of last year. People have noted its resemblance to works by renowned street artist Banksy. The anonymous artist is known for painting satirical artworks on buildings and other structures.

Tokyo authorities stored the illustration in a warehouse, and have been trying to determine whether it was created by the reclusive artist.

Koike said in a speech in Tokyo on Wednesday that her office has been trying to contact Banksy, so far without success. She said she is considering displaying it at the Tokyo government office during the holiday season in late April and early May.

Koike says residents have been sending in requests for it to be displayed. She says she is considering doing so.

The Tokyo government says the exhibit will be for a limited time only, and that the details are now being worked out.