Tokyo Tower Lighted Red For Lunar New Year

Tokyo Tower lighted red for Lunar New Year

Tokyo Tower, an iconic landmark in the capital, has been illuminated in red as part of the efforts to welcome Chinese visitors to Japan during the Lunar New Year holiday.

An event to light up Tokyo Tower on the Lunar New Year's eve on Monday was organized by groups of Chinese residents and others in Japan. The red color is considered auspicious in China.

The Chinese Ambassador to Japan, Cheng Yonghua, gave a speech at a ceremony held at a nearby building.
Cheng said that 2018 was an important year for the two countries in terms of improving and developing bilateral ties. He expressed hope that the two countries will open a new chapter in their relations this year.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in a video message that he will work harder this year to promote exchanges between the peoples of Japan and China.

At the base of the tower, a traditional lion dance was performed and a choir of Chinese children sang.

A Chinese woman said the tower looked more beautiful than usual and that she is glad to see the bilateral ties deepen through such an event.