Toshiba, Tokyo Univ. Planning Ai Training

Toshiba, Tokyo univ. planning AI training

One of Japan's biggest electronics manufacturers and the country's most prestigious university are joining hands in the field of artificial intelligence. Toshiba and the University of Tokyo will be establishing a program aimed at producing more AI experts.

Sources say researchers from the university will teach "deep learning" and other aspects of AI to Toshiba employees using big data from the company's factories.

Toshiba will launch the three-month program in December. It will turn out about 100 experts a year.

The company already has about 750 such people.

But it wants to drastically increase their ranks. Toshiba is planning to conduct aggressive recruiting to bring the number up to about 2,000 by fiscal 2022.

Toshiba's situation is not unique. Japan is expected to experience a shortage of nearly 50,000 experts in AI and other hi-tech fields next year.