Town's Water Supply Cut After Ship Hits Bridge

Town's water supply cut after ship hits bridge

The water supply to an island town in Japan's Inland Sea has been cut after a ship apparently collided with a bridge.

Officials from Suo-Oshima in Yamaguchi Prefecture say water started leaking early on Monday morning from a pipe on the bridge that connects the town with the main island of Honshu.

They found that a 250-meter section of the pipe had fallen into the sea.

Nearly 15,000 people in Suo-Oshima have no water supply.

Officials set up an anti-disaster team and sent water trucks to 16 locations.

They say the town has no Internet connection either because optical fiber cables were severed.

The Japan Coast Guard has found traces of the collision on the bridge. The Coast Guard says a Malta-registered cargo ship, Erna Oldendorff, passed under the bridge early on Monday morning, and its mast and crane were damaged.