Traders Optimistic Over Vaccine Rollout In Japan

Traders optimistic over vaccine rollout in Japan

Progress in Japan's coronavirus vaccine rollout has left traders hopeful about the Tokyo markets. The Tokyo benchmark stock index reached its highest level of the year in intraday trading.

Tokyo confirmed 1,004 new cases on Tuesday. The daily total has been moving downwards for the past 23 days.

Investors pushed Tokyo's benchmark stock index to a 31-year-high.

Traders are increasingly hopeful that headway made in Japan's vaccine rollout will make it possible to re-open the economy. More than half of Japan's population is now fully vaccinated.

Commercial facilities are doing their part to help speed up vaccinations.

A facility in Hiroshima is offering "vaccine discounts."

Shoppers who show up with certificates proving they are fully vaccinated are offered a variety of price cuts.

The National Police Agency says of the people who died from coronavirus last month around the country, 250 passed away in their homes.

The figure was up eight times from the previous month. More than half of the victims were in their 50s or younger.

Japan confirmed more than 6,200 infections nationwide on Tuesday. More than 1,900 people are in serious condition.