Train Cancellations Possible Due To Typhoon

Train cancellations possible due to typhoon

Railway operators in the Greater Tokyo area are considering suspending some of their train services this weekend, as a large and violent typhoon is forecast to hit the area on Saturday and Sunday.

Typhoon Hagibis is currently over the Pacific far south of Japan, but the storm is expected to hit Japan's mainland over the weekend.

East Japan Railway, Odakyu, Tobu and many other train operators in the Greater Tokyo area have told NHK that they will give train users one-day advance notice of any cancellations caused by the typhoon. They say the information will be made available on their websites and social media.

When the approach of a previous typhoon forced the train operators to suspend their services in early September, East Japan Railway's website nearly crashed as many people tried to access it for information.

The company says that to avoid a similar problem this weekend, it will post any information about train service cancellations on a simplified separate website that specializes in operational information.