Triumph Unleashes Latest Novelty Bra On Japan, Complete With Built - In Cup Purses

Triumph unleashes latest novelty bra on Japan, complete with built-in cup purses

Women's underwear maker Triumph International (Japan) Ltd. unleashed the latest in its biannual series of unique brassieres on April 26, tying the design to the recent "Premium Friday" campaign by the government and the private sector.

The bra, which is not being made available for sale, features an alarm clock between the cups, which alerts the wearer to leave the office at 3 p.m. on a Friday.

To tie in with the initiative, which aims to get people finishing work early on the last Friday of each month in a bid to increase spending in the evening and over the weekend, the bra also features built-in purses in the cups, with the promise of an enhanced bust when more cash is inserted.

This allows the wearer to go shopping with happy feelings, the company claims.

The "Premium Friday Bra" is intended to express the feelings of working women when they enjoy shopping after work, the firm said.

Perhaps the most unusual feature is a boned section which lights up with the words "Premium Friday," to, as the company says, enhance the wearer's exhilaration about the weekend as the lights in the office are switched off for the night.

Triumph has, in recent years, released bras promoting the World Cup in Brazil, the Disney hit film Frozen and the Bank of Japan's two percent price increase target. The latter promised to firm up breasts by two percent.

The company is urging its own employees to get on board with Premium Friday.