Tropical Storm Hitting Kyushu

Tropical storm hitting Kyushu

People on Japan's southern island of Kyushu are coping with heavy rain and strong winds after a typhoon made landfall Tuesday morning.

Japan's Meteorological Agency says typhoon Francisco touched down near Miyazaki City around 5 a.m. It's since been scaled down to a tropical storm.

In some parts of the region, around 120 millimeters of rain fell within a one hour period, prompting officials to warn residents to remain on high alert for landslides.

Kyushu Electric Power Company says more than 17,000 households in the region are without power.

It's also affecting key transportation routes. Over 200 domestic flights have been suspended, with the bulk of them either arriving or departing from Kyushu.

Some local railways have also halted services. Shinkansen bullet trains in the region are operating normally but officials say there could be delays or cancellations.