Tropical Storm May Hit Japan On Weekend Again

Tropical storm may hit Japan on weekend again

Another large tropical storm is approaching Japan. It may affect wide areas across the country over the three-day weekend.

The Meteorological Agency says Tapah is moving westward over waters south of the southern island prefecture of Okinawa.

The storm is moving at 10 kilometers per hour on Friday morning, and is expected to change course northward toward Okinawa on Saturday and move toward Kyushu on Sunday, bringing strong winds.

The agency says Tapah may advance on northern Japan on Monday and Tuesday.

On Friday morning, the storm has an atmospheric pressure of 990 hectopascals at its center, and is packing winds of up to 72 kilometers per hour with gusts of up to 108 kilometers per hour.

Tapah is expected to gain strength. Its maximum wind speed is forecast at 90 kilometers per hour gusting up to 126 kilometers per hour through Saturday. Extremely rough seas are expected.

Heavy rain is also expected in Okinawa and southern Kyushu through Sunday.

Over the 24 hours until Saturday morning, up to 150 millimeters could fall in southern Kyushu and 120 millimeters in Okinawa.