Trump Calls For Fair Trade

Trump calls for fair trade

US President Donald Trump, who has just begun a state visit to Japan, says trade between the two countries can be made fairer.

Trump attended a dinner with Japanese and US business leaders at the US Ambassador's residence after arriving at Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Saturday.

Trump said the United States is negotiating with Japan to make trade between the two countries more mutually-beneficial.

He said he hopes to make a "big" announcement on trade within the next few months.

Trump also said that the purpose of the visit was to celebrate Japan's new Reiwa Era.

He said the bilateral relationship has never been better, and that he hopes economic ties will grow stronger.

He thanked Softbank's Chairman and CEO Masayoshi Son and Toyota Motor President Akio Toyoda, who were attending the dinner, for their contribution to the US economy, and called on Japanese businesses to invest more.