Trump Expresses Support To Resolve Abduction Issue

Trump expresses support to resolve abduction issue

US President Donald Trump has pledged his full support to help bring back Japanese nationals abducted by North Korea.

Trump is on a four-day state visit to Japan. Along with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, he met the families of victims on Monday.

Sakie Yokota, the mother of abductee Megumi Yokota, and Koichiro Iizuka, the son of abductee Yaeko Taguchi, were among those who gathered at the State Guest House in Tokyo.

Trump said the stories of the families are very sad, and that he can see why Prime Minister Abe feels so strongly about the abduction issue.

Trump conveyed full readiness to help resolve the issue, and pledged to work with Abe to bring their "daughters, sons and mothers" home.

This is Trump's second meeting with families of abductees. The first came during a visit to Japan in November 2017.

Abe acknowledged that President Trump has again used his time to lend an ear to the stories of the families.

The Japanese prime minister said Trump raised the abduction issue at his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi.

Abe also said the way he wishes to address the issue was later conveyed to Kim by Trump. He praised the US president for his continued diplomatic efforts that are in line with the feelings of the abductees' families.

Iizuka asked Trump to support them so he can be reunited with his mother, who he has not seen for 41 years.

Yokota thanked Trump for his second meeting with the families, and for his concern about the abduction issue. She says the families are in awe, and place their trust in the president.