Trump Visit Involves Wide - Ranging Security Steps

Trump visit involves wide-ranging security steps

Japanese police are mobilizing about 25,000 officers to provide security for US President Donald Trump, who will visit the country as a state guest from Saturday.

The record number of officers for any visiting US president is being deployed because Trump's itinerary includes not just Tokyo but also the neighboring prefectures of Chiba and Kanagawa.

Some sections of expressways in the capital will be temporarily closed for Trump's motorcade. The Metropolitan Police Department is urging drivers to follow instructions from officers.

At Tokyo's Haneda Airport, about 800 trash cans are being covered with plastic sheets so they won't be used to hide dangerous objects.

All 4,500 pay lockers at Tokyo Station will be off limits from Saturday.

When the president visits the Ryogoku Kokugikan arena to watch grand sumo tournament on Sunday, lockers at nearby Ryogoku Station will also be out of use.

When Trump and Abe watch sumo in seats close to the ring, US Secret Service agents and Japanese security personnel will be close by. Visitors will have to go through metal detectors and bottles will be banned.