Tsunami - Hit Daycare To Reopen In Miyagi

Tsunami-hit daycare to reopen in Miyagi

People in Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan are celebrating the re-opening of a daycare center for children that was destroyed by the 2011 tsunami.

On Sunday, former and current staff members, and local residents attended a ceremony to mark the finish of the new facility's construction in the Yuriage district of the coastal city of Natori.

The daycare has been rebuilt in an area more inland than its original location and is set to restart services in April.

The city government stopped accepting children after the facility was flooded in 2011. All of the staff and children evacuated safely.

In the ceremony, Mayor Shiro Yamada said he wants to make the daycare the center of child-rearing in Yuriage and hopes the district will be filled with children's smiles.

A traditional local dance was performed for the re-opening.

The head of the daycare Masako Sato said she wants to create an environment where children will carry on the wishes of many people and will be able to have dreams about their future.

Etsuko Satake who was the head of the daycare during the disaster said being able to hear children's voices at the facility again will give a big push to rebuilding efforts.

Another ceremony will be held on Tuesday when 45 children start attending the daycare.