Typhoon Faxai Caused Heavy Damage To Agriculture

Typhoon Faxai caused heavy damage to agriculture

Typhoon Faxai has so far caused more than 290 million dollars in damage to agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries, mainly in eastern Japan. The amount is expected to rise.

Farm ministry officials say the total covers damage reported as of Thursday morning in Chiba, Ibaraki and six other prefectures, mainly in eastern Japan.

Damage to farm produce, such as rice, pears and carrots, amounted to 87 million dollars. The figure for greenhouses was about 177 million dollars.

Officials say the typhoon wrecked a total of 324 fishing vessels in Chiba, Ibaraki and three other prefectures, resulting in damage of about 1.5 million dollars.

Many dairy farmers in Chiba have been unable to milk their cows or were forced to discard fresh milk they were unable to refrigerate due to the power outage.

Officials say they still need to assess the impact of the typhoon in some areas, mainly in southern Chiba, and they expect the damage total to rise.

Tokyo Electric Power Company says nearly 30,000 households in Chiba Prefecture were without power on Thursday morning.

TEPCO officials say they are still removing trees knocked down in the typhoon but they hope to restore power to all areas by September 27.