Typhoon - Hit Railway Station Near Tokyo Congested

Typhoon-hit railway station near Tokyo congested

Commuters had to endure long lines at a key railway station near Tokyo on Tuesday where the escalators and automatic ticket gates were not operating after being damaged by Typhoon Hagibis.

East Japan Railway's Musashi-Kosugi Station, south of Tokyo, was flooded at the weekend due to torrential rain.

Railway officials say all of the station's six escalators and one elevator are currently out of service as the typhoon broke the station's electric equipment.

The station was packed with commuters on Tuesday, the first working day since the typhoon as Monday was a public holiday. Railway officials and police officers were deployed to marshal the crowds.

Due to the congestion, it took some commuters nearly an hour to change trains at the station where the JR Yokosuka Line and JR Nambu Line cross.

Problems with automatic ticket gates at one of the station exits added to the congestion. Railway officials were unable to say when the equipment will fully be repaired.