Typhoon Lingling May Bring Heavy Rainfall To Japan

Typhoon Lingling may bring heavy rainfall to Japan

Typhoon Lingling may bring heavy rains to wide areas of western Japan. Weather officials are advising people to be on the alert for possible disasters.

Japan's Meteorological Agency said on early Saturday morning that the typhoon was close to the Korean Peninsula after travelling west of Japan's Kyushu region.

Agency officials say parts of western Japan could be hit with more than 50 millimeters of hourly rainfall on Saturday.

For the 24 hours until Sunday morning, rainfall of up to 150 millimeters is forecast for the Shikoku region and the northern part of the Kyushu region, and up to 100 millimeters for the southern part of Kyushu, and the whole of the Okinawa region.

Warnings have been issued for possible landslides, flooding, swollen rivers, lightning strikes, violent winds and high waves.