Typhoontapah Approaches Close To Okinawa

TyphoonTapah approaches close to Okinawa

Typhoon Tapah is coming close to Japan's southern island prefecture of Okinawa, bringing fierce winds and high waves. Rain is expected across wide areas of the country through Monday. Maximum sustained winds from the storm have reached 126 kilometers per hour.

The Meteorological Agency says Tapah is moving over waters about 100 kilometers southwest of Kume Island.

As of 7:00 am Saturday it was moving north-northwest at 25 kilometers per hour.

The typhoon is expected to change course eastward, moving through the Tsushima Straits on Sunday evening, and then north over the Sea of Japan, bringing heavy rains and strong winds to Kyushu and Shikoku through Sunday.

The agency says Tapah may reach northern Japan on Monday.

Forecasters warn the latest typhoon could affect areas already damaged by Typhoon Faxai. The Meteorological Agency is urging people in those areas to take extra precautions.