Us Diplomat Wants Talks To 'adjust' Japan Alliance

US diplomat wants talks to 'adjust' Japan alliance

A senior US State Department official for East Asia has expressed readiness to hold wide-ranging discussions on security cooperation with Japan.

David Stilwell is visiting Japan for the first time since becoming assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs last month. Stilwell spoke to NHK on Friday.

He said the situation in the Pacific is changing rapidly, and that the alliance, relationship and cooperation between Japan and the US need to adapt.

US President Donald Trump has been critical of the bilateral security treaty, calling it unfair.

Stilwell said he wouldn't call it unfair, but that it needs to be adjusted.

Trump has suggested he will ask US allies to shoulder more of the costs of stationing US forces on their soil.

Stilwell said in the US political system officials nominated by the president necessarily share his perspective.

He added that he sees room to address various issues.