Us May Ask Allies To Cover Base Budget Diversion

US may ask allies to cover base budget diversion

The US Department of Defense has suggested that allies make up military base budget shortfalls as a result of a planned diversion of funds to build the US-Mexico border wall.

The department has decided to reallocate about 1.8 billion dollars from US military bases in 19 countries.

In Japan it plans to divert some 400 million dollars from US military bases. The funds had originally been set aside for construction of aircraft hangars and other facilities.

At a news conference on Monday, spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman was asked whether the Pentagon wants allies to pick up some of the costs for US base projects that are going to be delayed.

Hoffman said Defense Secretary Mark Esper has had conversations with US allies about the need for them to contribute more.

Hoffman said if allies want to see increased funding for US military facilities in their countries then they might want to consider looking into it.

Japan and the United States plan to begin negotiations next year to renew the agreement on Japan's financial support for maintaining the US forces in the country. The United States is expected to ask Japan to shoulder more of the burden.