Us May Ask Japan To Pay More For Hosting Us Forces

US may ask Japan to pay more for hosting US forces

The US Ambassador to Japan, William Hagerty, has indicated that the United States may ask Japan to pay more for the cost of hosting US troops in the country.

In a speech in Tokyo on Tuesday, Hagerty referred to a recent statement by US President Donald Trump in which he called the Japan-US Security Treaty unfair, and said it has to be changed.

Hagerty stressed that the US-Japan security alliance is "unshakable."

He said, "the president has mentioned his frustration with a number of allies who don't spend as much as we do." He added, "the president wants to see things move in the direction where we have more robust expenditures."

Japan and the United States are expected to begin negotiations to revise the bilateral agreement on Japan's financial support for maintaining the US forces in the country.

Trump is demanding that NATO member countries increase their defense budgets. In February, South Korea agreed to raise its contribution to covering the costs of US troops in the country by more than 8 percent.