Us To Return Part Of Marine Camp In Okinawa

US to return part of Marine camp in OkinawaDefense officials from Japan and the United States have agreed that the US will return a military camp housing area in Okinawa as early as December.

The agreement follows a comprehensive timetable struck between the 2 countries in April concerning the return of more than a dozen military sites south of Kadena Air Base on the island.

Handover of the Marine Corps' Futenma air station is one of the agreements, scheduled for fiscal year 2022 or after.

In Thursday's meeting, the defense officials formally approved that a housing area of US Marine's Camp Foster, or Camp Zukeran, will be returned to Japan.

The housing zone is 52 hectares and called the West Futenma Housing area. It is located near the Futenma air station that hosts controversial Osprey aircraft.

Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera suggested to reporters that the return of the area will happen as early as by December. This would be more than 6 months quicker than initially planned. He said he instructed his staff to accelerate the necessary procedures.

The announcement is the second one in regards to the timetable after the return of a military road in Urasoe City near the capital Naha was announced in May.