Us Troops Join Sdf's Annual Parachute Drill

US troops join SDF's annual parachute drillThe US military has for the first time joined an annual drill held by airborne troops of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force at a camp in Narashino, outside Tokyo.
The 1st Airborne Brigade is an elite unit of the Ground Self-Defense Force with about 2,000 members. They are tasked with protecting remote islands.

The brigade allows the public to watch the exercise.

The United States proposed joining this year's event.

In Sunday's drill, troops made parachute jumps from Air Self-Defense Force aircraft.

15 members of the Okinawa-based US Army Special Forces, known as the Green Berets, also jumped from SDF helicopters.

A rescue unit of the Air Self-Defense Force participated in the drill as well. It is tasked with rescuing injured members.

In recent years, the exercises have used the scenario of an operation to protect remote Japanese islands.

The Ground Self-Defense Force says Sunday's drill was not based on a specific scenario but was intended to reaffirm cooperation with the United States.

The Self-Defense Forces and the US military are expected to accelerate their cooperation under the security laws that took effect in Japan last year.