Utility Plans Anti - Terror Facility Within Deadline

Utility plans anti-terror facility within deadline

The operator of Genkai nuclear power plant in western Japan says it plans to complete a required anti-terror facility within the deadline set by the country's nuclear regulator.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority has been pushing nuclear plant operators to meet each specific deadline for equipping anti-terror facilities, otherwise their reactors will face suspension.

Japan's new regulation requires operators to build anti-terror facilities to deal with terror attacks such as one using an airplane. The facilities must be completed within five years from the date each reactor receives approval for an overall engineering plan.

No reactor in the country has yet finished the needed facilities.

The regulator decided in April, that it will in principle, order the halt of reactors' operation if operators failed to keep each specific deadline.

Kyushu Electric Power Company on Thursday submitted to the regulator a partial construction plan of an anti-terror facility at its Genkai No.3 reactor in Saga Prefecture. The reactor is already online.

The utility pledged to launch the work as soon as it got approval from the regulator, and aims at completing it by the August 2022 deadline. The firm had been insisting that it would be difficult to meet the deadline.

As of April, operators of 13 reactors at seven nuclear power plants nationwide were saying they will not be able to keep the deadlines, or they cannot tell whether they will be able to make it. Genkai plant's No.3 reactor is the first case that made it clear that it plans to finish work by the stated target date.