Utility Services In Hokkaido Slowly Being Restored

Utility services in Hokkaido slowly being restored

Utility services are slowly being restored to Hokkaido following widespread outages on Thursday.

Hokkaido Electric Power Company says about 40 percent of homes have their power back on.

More than 38,000 households are still waiting for water to be hooked up again. It's meant long lines at water stations that were set up following the quake.

Public transportation is also slowly coming back online.

The Hokkaido Railway Company says it will restart its Shinkansen bullet train service soon. But all express trains connecting major cities in Hokkaido will remain stopped for now. It's also unclear when local train services will start again.

The city of Sapporo says its municipal subway service will restart soon.

With many expressways still partially closed, inter-city express bus services will remain suspended.
Some local buses, though, are running again.

Flight operations have resumed at New Chitose Airport after power was restored to its terminal building.

Train services to the airport from Sapporo are also coming back on line.