Video Of N.korean Fishing Boat Collision Released

Video of N.Korean fishing boat collision released

Japan's Fisheries Agency has released a video of the recent collision between an agency patrol ship and a North Korean fishing boat.

The footage -- edited to 13 minutes -- shows the patrol ship spraying water at the fishing boat, warning it to leave Japan's exclusive economic zone.

The video also shows the North Korean boat making an abrupt left turn. The bow of the patrol ship collided against the fishing boat's port side.

The footage shows the patrol ship crew rescuing the North Koreans using lifeboats and rafts when the boat sank.

The Agency says the part of the footage from the start of spraying water until the fishing boat sinks and rescue begins is not edited.

The Fisheries Agency says they ordinarily do not release footage of crackdowns on illegal activity. But they said they decided to release the video to show the patrol ship crew took appropriate action.

Takashi Koya, director-general of the Resources Management Department, said the video tells it all. He said the patrol ship was sailing straight until the fishing boat made a left turn, indicating the abrupt turn was the cause of the collision.

The collision occurred in the Sea of Japan off the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture on October 7.