Volunteers Clean Beaches To Reduce Plastic Waste

Volunteers clean beaches to reduce plastic waste

Volunteers have collected garbage from beaches across Japan in an effort to reduce plastic marine waste.

The beach cleaning activities were held on Monday, a national holiday in Japan known as Marine Day.

About 20 people gathered on a beach in Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo. They picked up plastic waste, including packages of snacks and bottles, as well as empty cans that had washed ashore.

Divers later went into the sea to gather plastic containers and bags.

Plastic waste is difficult to retrieve once it drifts offshore.

At last month's G20 summit, leaders agreed to take steps to reduce additional plastic pollution in the ocean to zero by 2050.

A diver in his 30s says it's sad that fish eat plastic waste and become ill.

A woman in her 60s says she recently took up diving and was surprised to find how much waste there is in the sea. She says she'll keep collecting garbage.