Wartime Bomb Disposal Halts Bullet Trains

Wartime bomb disposal halts bullet trainsWork to dispose of an unexploded wartime bomb has halted bullet train services in central Japan.
Officials of Central Japan Railway and the city of Hamamatsu say the bomb, believed to have been dropped by the US military during World War Two, was found at the railway company's factory in the city in August.

Self-Defense Forces personnel and city officials loaded it onto an SDF truck on Sunday morning and carried it to the coast 4 kilometers from the factory.

City officials issued an evacuation advisory to some 4,000 households in the area.

Bullet train services were suspended for about 40 minutes, and roads around the transportation route were closed.

A woman who evacuated to a shelter said although unexploded wartime bombs and shells have been found in the city before, she was still afraid. She said she went to the shelter just in case.

SDF officials say they disposed of the bomb by exploding it on the coast on Sunday afternoon.