Weather Officials Urge Great Caution For Hagibis

Weather officials urge great caution for Hagibis

Weather officials in Japan are warning that Typhoon Hagibis is likely to make landfall in the Tokai region or the Kanto region, including Tokyo, on Saturday.

Meteorological Agency official Yasushi Kajihara told reporters on Friday that it may issue an emergency warning, as Hagibis is likely to bring strong winds and high waves, as well as record heavy rainfall over wide areas.

Kajihara called on people to evacuate as quickly as possible to protect their lives.

He said violent winds and rough seas are expected in wide areas, mainly in eastern Japan, from Saturday through Sunday. He added that winds could reach record speeds in some places.

Kajihara said Hagibis could bring rainfall on the same level as the "Kanogawa Typhoon" of 1958 that left more than 1,200 people dead or missing in Shizuoka and the Kanto region.

He also warned the entire nation to be on the alert for violent winds, high waves, flooding in low-lying areas, swollen rivers and storm surges.