Weekend With Emergency Declaration In Wider Area

Weekend with emergency declaration in wider area

The Japanese government is urging stricter public observance of anti-coronavirus measures. The appeal comes as the country enters its first weekend since the state of emergency was expanded to eleven prefectures.

The declaration which began with Tokyo and its three neighboring prefectures now covers Osaka and Aichi prefectures, among others.

The government says crowd sizes in urban areas have not declined as they did when the declaration was first issued in spring last year.

It is calling on people to refrain from non-essential outings both day and night.

Officials also plan to strengthen their calls for young people to take preventive measures.

An outdoor screen in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward will show an appeal by the minister in charge of the coronavirus response, Nishimura Yasutoshi, beginning Saturday.

Meanwhile government officials are seeking a more accurate understanding of the effect of the emergency declaration and the infection situation. They are comparing daily new case numbers and trends of positive tests from before and after the state of emergency was declared.

The government also plans to explain to the ruling parties early next week a proposed revision to the special anti-coronavirus law.

It has proposed setting a maximum fine of about 4,800 dollars on business operators who refuse to comply with requests to reduce their hours under the state of emergency.