Weekly Magazine Apologizes Over Story On S.korea

Weekly magazine apologizes over story on S.Korea

A weekly Japanese magazine has issued an apology after publishing a special feature on South Korea that was widely criticized for inciting hate.

The apology comes as relations between the two countries have soured over trade and historical issues.

The special report on South Korea appeared in an edition of Shukan Post published on Monday. The 10-page section was titled: "Good-bye to an annoying neighbor. We don't need South Korea."

It includes an article that is said to be based on a South Korean academic thesis. Beneath a headline stating "The pathology of South Koreans who can't control anger," it purports that one in 10 people in the country requires treatment.

Yu Miri, a Japan-based Korean author, tweeted that the report amounts to hate speech and whips up racial discrimination and hostility.

Philosopher Tatsuru Uchida added on Twitter that he will no longer work with Shogakukan, which publishes the magazine.

The editorial staff of Shukan Post released an apology on its website on Monday night. It said the report could spread misunderstandings and lacked consideration.

Tokyo and Seoul are in dispute over South Korean court rulings on wartime labor. Japan has tightened controls of exports to South Korea. The country has responded by deciding to end an intelligence-sharing pact with Japan.