What Are The 'takamikura' And The 'michodai'?

What are the 'Takamikura' and the 'Michodai'?

The "Takamikura" throne is said to have been used for important ceremonies since the Nara period, which began in the 8th century.

The current throne, along with the Empress' "Michodai," or the "August Seat", was made in 1913 upon the accession of Emperor Taisho. It has since been used by his two successors: Emperor Showa and the current Emperor's father, Emperor Emeritus Akihito.

The "Takamikura" stands nearly 6.5 meters high. It consists of an elaborately decorated octagonal canopy on a 6-meter-square dais.

The sides of the raised platform are decorated with panels of a phoenix and a dragon-headed creature, called a "Qilin."

The canopy is topped with a large golden statue of a phoenix. Smaller statues adorn the eight corners, with 28 mirrors between them.

Stands called "An" are placed inside the "Takamikura". It is where the sacred sword and the sacred jewel, along with the State Seal and the Privy Seal will be placed.

The "Michodai" has a similar structure, but it is slightly smaller. It's 5.5 meters high, with a 5-meter-square dais.

Curtains hang under the canopies with chairs for the Emperor and Empress in the middle.

At the enthronement ceremony, the Emperor ascends the dais and proclaims his accession.

The Emperor and Empress will only be seen once the curtains are opened.