Wife Of Carlos Ghosn: 'felt In Danger In Japan'

Wife of Carlos Ghosn: 'Felt in danger in Japan'

The wife of former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn says she left Japan because she felt she was in danger following her husband's latest arrest.

Carlos Ghosn was arrested for the fourth time last Thursday on suspicion of aggravated breach of trust over Nissan funds sent to a dealership in Oman.

Carole Ghosn arrived in Paris and spoke with the weekly newspaper, Journal du Dimanche, which published her interview on Sunday.

The French newspaper quoted Carole Ghosn as saying that when her husband was re-arrested, Japanese investigators confiscated her Lebanese passport, computer and cell phone and asked her to agree to voluntary questioning.

She said she refused the demands on the advice of their attorneys.

Carole Ghosn said she left Japan on Friday evening, using a US passport. She said the French ambassador to Japan accompanied her to an airport boarding gate.

She also revealed that while freed on bail, her husband had a video taken of him making his case in English.
She was quoted as saying that he wanted to point out who was responsible for the circumstances he is facing. She said her husband's lawyers will soon make the video public.

Carole Ghosn has criticized the Japanese judicial system for the lengthy detention of her husband in what she sees as an attempt to get him to confess. In the interview, she reiterated the criticism and asked the French government to approach Japanese authorities.