Wild Boars To Be Vaccinated Against Swine Fever

Wild boars to be vaccinated against swine fever

Japan's agriculture ministry says it plans to vaccinate wild boars against swine fever as early as the middle of next month. The animals have been blamed for the recent outbreaks of the disease on pig farms.

Wild animals have never been vaccinated before in Japan.

Outbreaks of swine fever have hit pig farms in five prefectures. Pigs bred on more than 30 farms have been put down since last September. 180 wild boars have also tested positive for the virus.

Ministry officials say the vaccination program will be carried out in areas of Gifu and Aichi prefectures where infected wild boars have been found.

They say packages of a liquid vaccine from Germany will be mixed with corn flour and buried in the ground. Wild boars will be vaccinated against the disease if they eat the bait.

The officials say a total of about 120,000 doses of the vaccine will be distributed in six stages over a one-year period.