Winter Deer Calling Starts In Nara

Winter deer calling starts in Nara

Crowds of deer have emerged from the woods to the sound of a horn in an annual winter event in Japan's ancient capital Nara.

Deer calling has been held by local organizers every year for a few days during the summer and winter to attract tourists.

This season's event began on Sunday morning, with a member of a local deer protection group blowing the horn. About 120 deer rushed out of the woods to the sounds of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony, and were treated to acorns.

Tourists who gathered for the event posed for pictures with the deer and fed them with special deer crackers.

An elementary school boy said he was surprised to see so many deer together. He added he was interested to learn that younger deer ate the acorns more aggressively than bigger, older ones.

The deer calling takes place every day from 10 a.m. through December 14, except for the 8th, when a marathon is being held.