'world's Tiniest Boy' Survives, Returns Home

'World's tiniest boy' survives, returns home

Doctors at a Tokyo hospital say a baby who had a birth weight of only 268 grams has returned home in good health. They say he is the smallest baby boy in the world to have survived.

Keio University Hospital says the boy was prematurely born through Cesarean section in August last year when his mother was 24 weeks pregnant.

He spent six months in a neonatal intensive care unit. Doctors say his weight had increased to more than 3,200 grams by the time he left the hospital on February 20.

Takeshi Arimitsu, who was in charge of caring for the boy, says hospital staff strictly managed his condition because babies with a birth weight of under 300 grams have a survival rate of less than 50 percent.

Arimitsu says the boy's parents were overjoyed when they took their son home, and he wants people to know that extremely small babies can be saved.

A database at the University of Iowa in the United States lists 23 babies who had a birth weight of less than 300 grams and survived.

Only four of them are male. The previous tiniest boy was born in Germany in 2009. He weighed 274 grams.