Yamanote Line Displays Change Setting

Yamanote Line displays change setting

The operator of Tokyo's Yamanote Line is changing its electronic platform displays in a bid to simplify the information it provides commuters.

The signs will show how long it is for the next train to arrive, instead of the departure time.

The Yamanote Line is a circular train line that connects Tokyo's key districts.

The change is partly aimed at foreigners, ahead of next year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

It follows international examples, including in China and the United States, where platform displays show how far away the next train is in minutes.

The new system applies between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. Departure times will continue to be shown in early morning and late night hours, when fewer trains run.

Information displays at Ueno and Akihabara stations were modified last week.

One woman in her 60s from the US said it was easier to follow as she didn't have to check the clock.

East Japan Railway Company, or JR East, plans to alter displays at all stations on the Yamanote Line by July next year.

The operator says it will study user response before making changes on other lines.