Yokozuna Hakuho Obtains Japanese Citizenship

Yokozuna Hakuho obtains Japanese citizenship

A top sumo champion from Mongolia has acquired Japanese citizenship. Hakuho, a famed yokozuna grand champion, hopes to remain in the world of sumo after he retires and become a stable master to coach younger wrestlers.

News of his citizenship was released by the government on Tuesday.

The 34-year-old sumo wrestler has won a record 42 grand sumo tournaments.

All foreign sumo wrestlers wishing to become a stable master are required to have Japanese citizenship under the rules of the Japan Sumo Association.

In June, he said that he received approval from the Mongolian authorities to renounce his nationality.

Former yokozuna grand champion Musashimaru, originally from the US state of Hawaii, and former Mongolian Kyokutenho, who reached third-ranking sekiwake status in the sumo world, also obtained Japanese citizenship before becoming stable masters.