Yoshino 'starting To Feel I Have Won Nobel Prize'

Yoshino 'starting to feel I have won Nobel Prize'

The Japanese scientist who shared this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry has spoken to reporters about his award.

Akira Yoshino attended the award ceremony and banquet in Stockholm Tuesday night with his wife Kumiko.

He looked a little tired but showed a smile when he returned to his hotel and took questions from reporters.

Yoshino said he is finally starting to feel that he has won the Nobel Prize. He said he has not yet worn the medal but added that it felt very heavy.

Yoshino said the meal was delicious and that he was able to converse with members of the Swedish royal family in a comfortable atmosphere.

Reporters asked Kumiko how she felt watching her husband at the ceremony. She replied, smiling, that she thought he has finally made it.

Yoshino is scheduled to return home on December 15.