2020 Olympic Cycling, Rugby Starting Times Changed

2020 Olympic cycling, rugby starting times changed

Officials preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics say they will change the starting time for 2 sports, one of the cycling and rugby events, to avoid the peak daytime temperatures.

Japanese organizing committee president Yoshiro Mori and chair of the International Olympic Committee's Coordination Commission John Coates announced the changes on Wednesday at the end of their 3-day talks.

They say the starting time of the cycling mountain bike event will be delayed to 3 PM from the original 2 PM. The seven-member rugby event will start from 9 AM, earlier than the original 10:30 AM.

The officials said the starting time of marathon and race walk events are being discussed with the International Association of Athletics Federations. The officials hope to decide the final schedule by the end of the year.

Sources say the marathon and 20-killometer walk are likely to start from 6 AM, 1 hour earlier than currently planned, and the 50-kilometer walk is likely to start at 5:30 AM, 30 minutes earlier.

Coates said the officials will do all they can to prevent events from posing health risks. He said he is confident about securing good conditions for the athletes to compete.