2020 Olympics: Marathon May Take Place In Sapporo

2020 Olympics: Marathon may take place in Sapporo

The International Olympic Committee says it is considering moving the marathon and race walking events for next year's Tokyo Olympics to the northern Japanese city of Sapporo.

The IOC announced this on Wednesday, citing cooler conditions expected in the city in Japan's northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido.

The IOC said average daytime temperatures in Sapporo during the period in July and August when the 2020 Olympics will be held are 5 to 6 degrees Celsius cooler than in Tokyo.

Sapporo hosted the Winter Olympics in 1972.

IOC President Thomas Bach said that athletes' health and well-being are always at the heart of the IOC's concerns. He said that the new far-reaching proposals to move the marathon and race walking events show how serious the IOC takes such concerns.

Bach said that the Olympic Games are the platform where athletes can give "once-in-a-lifetime" performance, and these measures ensure they have the conditions to give their best.