2020 Tokyo Games May Have 2 Olympic Cauldrons

2020 Tokyo Games may have 2 Olympic cauldrons

The Japanese government and the organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have formed a plan to make 2 cauldrons of the same design to hold the Olympic flame during the Games.

Attention is focused on where the flame will burn during the Games, as the main stadium now under construction lacks a permanent site for a cauldron.

Government officials and the organizers of the Games plan to temporarily place a cauldron on the stadium's field for the opening and closing ceremonies. And they are considering placing a similar cauldron at another location in Tokyo during other periods of the Games.

As the officials and the organizers want the flame to be seen by many people, they plan to choose as the location for the second cauldron an area visited by crowds, such as the Odaiba district.

They hope to hold a meeting of representatives as early as mid-December to determine their policy on the cauldrons, and inform the International Olympic Committee.