500 Days To Olympics, Preparations In Full Swing

500 days to Olympics, preparations in full swing

Tuesday marks exactly 500 days until the start of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The opening ceremony is at the new National Stadium in Japan's capital on July 24 next year.

Outside of Tokyo, organizers plan to use the Fukushima J-Village soccer training facility for the start of the Olympic torch relay. J-Village was used as a disaster response site after the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns.

On Tuesday, organizers will unveil a set of pictograms designed to guide spectators at Olympic venues.

Organizers also need to consider ways to ease potential traffic congestion in the capital. Olympic venues are dotted around the central part of Tokyo so large numbers of athletes and spectators will move around the city.

The organizing committee and the Tokyo Metropolitan and central governments are looking at solutions to keep transportation running smoothly.