An Olympic And Paralympic Venue Unveiled

An Olympic and Paralympic venue unveiled

An Olympic and Paralympic venue has been shown to the media on Tuesday for the first time since being completed.

The Ariake Gymnastics Center is located in Tokyo's waterfront area and is covered with a distinctively large roof. The gymnastics and paralympic boccia competitions will be held here. The facility was built using a lot of domestically-produced wood and the woody scent is prevalent.

The sporting arena has a floor space of 36-thousand square meters and a seating capacity of 12-thousand.

Its most distinct feature is the arched roof spanning 90 meters.

Wood, which has played an important part in Japanese culture, has been used in abundance for the spectators' seats and many other areas.

Officials say among all the facilities that have been newly constructed for the Tokyo Games, this one has the largest volume of wood.

Organizing committee member Koichi Fukui says he would like the athletes to put on their best performance and the spectators to have the most moving experience. He says they will carry on to ensure that the Tokyo Games are a success.

The trampoline World Championships will take place in the new arena next month.