Asanoyama Wins First Sumo Tournament

Asanoyama wins first sumo tournament

In sumo, rank-and-file wrestler Asanoyama has clinched his first tournament title.

Asanoyama beat ozeki champion Goeido on day 14 of the Summer Grand Sumo tournament in Tokyo on Saturday. He had been the sole leader going into the bout, with two losses.

Asanoyama secured the victory with one day remaining in the 15-day tourney. Yokozuna grand champion Kakuryu, who had three losses, was beaten by sekiwake Tochinoshin in the final bout of the day.

It was Asanoyama's 11th tournament in the top "makuuchi" division.

That made him the eighth-fastest wrestler to win a title since the current six-tournament-a-year system began in 1958.

With the highest-ranking wrestlers either absent or not performing well, the 25-year-old stepped to the forefront in the first tournament of the Reiwa era. In the last six tournaments, four different wrestlers have won their first titles.