Bach Attends Pre - Olympic Event In Tokyo

Bach attends pre-Olympic event in Tokyo

An event to give people a taste of Olympic sports was held in Tokyo on Wednesday, exactly one year before the start of the 2020 summer games there.

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach attended the event at the Tokyo International Forum.

People got to experience 21 events in 17 out of the 33 sports that will feature in the Tokyo Olympics, including gymnastics and judo.

At the gymnastics booth, children learned moves from athlete Koko Tsurumi, who represented Japan at the Beijing and London Olympics.

Bach, a fencing gold medalist at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, visited the fencing corner. He showed off his technique against a junior high school student using a soft sword.

Bach handed his opponent a badge with the Olympic symbol and encouraged him to work hard to become an Olympian.

The designs of the Tokyo Olympic medals will be unveiled later on Wednesday.