Bronx Cop Who Teaches Martial Arts To Kids Will Start Karate School In The Borough

Bronx cop who teaches martial arts to kids will start karate school in the boroughBronx NYPD Sgt. Jose Guerrero spends his free time and a good chunk of his own money running a Yonkers karate school. Now, he's been asked to teach at a center in the Bronx.
He’s got the chops for this job.

The karate cop who spends his free time teaching martial arts to young kids has been asked to start a dojo in the Bronx.
After the Daily News last month profiled Bronx Sgt. Jose Guerrero, the 15-year veteran said he got a call from a Police Athletic League official curious if he’d be willing to teach kids at a center on Webster Ave. There was a catch, Guerrero said. The PAL had no budget for such a program.
But Guerrero is used to that — his Yonkers dojo gets by on a combination of his overtime money, fund-raisers and whatever his students’ parents can afford to pay.

“I want to do this,” Guerrero said. “It’s the right thing to do.”
A publicist friend helped secure a $6,000 donation from the Rent Stabilization Association to buy equipment and uniforms for 50 students. The program is due to start next week.
“Sgt. Guerrero is transforming young lives by providing kids with an alternative to the streets,” said Joseph Strasburg, the association’s president.