Brown Karate Academy Students Earn Belt Levels

Brown Karate Academy students earn belt levelsMore than 70 Brown’s Karate Academy students from Barron, Rice Lake, Hayward, Cumberland, Clear Lake, Clayton, Cameron and Chetek and even a member of the National Guard who trains at the National Guard Armory in Menomonie were tested Dec. 13 in front of a certified testing board at Barron Middle School.

The board consisted of Master Lloyd A. Brown (owner and chief instructor), Sensei Landrew Olson (head instructor of the Hayward BKA school), Sensei David Mott, Master Leland Brenholt, Chris Eriksen, Keith Graeme, (1st Sergeant and lead instructor at the Menomonie BKA) and Greg Linton.

Students were required to demonstrate all their basic techniques including blocks, punches and kicks, along with the katas (forms) they had learned for each belt level they were pursuing. Some students also demonstrated their skills with different martial arts weapons such as the bo, sai, nunchaku and Tonfa. The students demonstrated fighting skills during the sparring portion of the test.

“The kids and adults did an amazing job of showing us what it took to reach their new belt levels,” Brown said. “They didn’t give up on themselves and demonstrated to the board that they really wanted to achieve the rank that they were working so hard for. I am very proud of all our students and the great instructors who helped them to make it to this test.”