Chuck Norris Inspires Idea For Karate Tournament

Chuck Norris inspires idea for karate tournamentRalph Jaschke credits Chuck Norris.
After all, the founder of American Karate Institute drew inspiration from the famous martial artist and actor to start the Texas Four Seasons Karate Championship.

"He used to run a California Four Seasons Tournament until he got busy with movies and quit," Jaschke, 63, said Saturday at his school's third event of the year at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Victoria.

"And I thought, 'What a great idea,'" added Jaschke, an eighth-degree black belt. "So I always give him credit with that grain of thought."

For the 103rd time, Jaschke held Four Seasons on Saturday, continuing a tradition of showcasing karate competition in the area.

"It's a chance for many to participate and compete," said Jaschke, of Victoria, who opened AKI in 1984 and then started Four Seasons five years later. "They represent their school. We've had phenomenal competition come through. A lot of people have gone on to win world championships."

Saturday was the third Four Seasons championship held by AKI. Events are usually in the months of January, April, July and October.