Details Of 2020 Olympic Torch Relay Unveiled

Details of 2020 Olympic torch relay unveiled

The Olympic torch relay will kick off in Japan in just 100 days. And organizers have announced the exact route that runners will carry the flame on its way to Tokyo for the 2020 Games.

The domestic leg of the relay will begin on March 26 in Fukushima, the prefecture devastated by 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis.

Organizers hope to use the Summer Games to showcase recovery efforts in areas affected by the disaster.

In keeping with that goal, they have picked Japan's 2011 women's World Cup soccer team to be the first runners.

They won the championship just four months after the disaster, lending inspiration to many survivors.

The squad will kick off the relay at the J-Village soccer training facility in Fukushima Prefecture.

Former Japan national team member Ayumi Kaihori said, " It's a great honor. J-Village is quite a memorable place for us. We spent many good times and bad times there. I'm very happy to be returning, to run with my teammates."

One of other runners chosen in the prefecture is Takayuki Ueno.

He lost his parents and two children in the tsunami. He says he will run with their precious memory on his mind.

He said, " I hope my family is watching from above. And I will try to run with a smile for all the people who died in the disaster."

In Hiroshima, 102-year-old Shoji Tomihisa has been chosen to carry the torch. Two years ago, he set a national record in the 60-meter dash for runners over the age of 100.

The feat is all the more remarkable considering Tomihisa survived the US atomic bombing in 1945.

He said, " After the bombing, as the days passed, all I could think about was trying to survive. I'll try to fulfill my mission."

Organizers say they will begin notifying more runners who have been chosen for the relay over the next week.